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  Omoruyi Services operates in the business areas of trade, investment, and consulting.
Oil and Gas Product Trading;
Omoruyi Services work to facilitate access in international product trading. We link intending buyers of oil and gas products in Nigeria with refineries in Europe. We ensure that the refineries have products that meet the specification of local regulatory authorities for power generation and related services.

Technically, we bring refineries and purchasers (importers) of Automotive Gas Oil (AGO/Diesel), Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), and Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK) together to do business. We partner with credible companies in Nigeria to import petroleum products in accordance with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) regulations. We make reasonable effort at all times to ensure the credibility of our transactions.
Real Estate Investment;
Omoruyi Services has direct interest in real estate development and partnerships across Nigeria. We do our real estate business by partnering directly with land/property owners who have land with appropriate title for the construction of housing estates. While seeking partnerships in this sector, we give consideration to location, low risks, and appropriate project documentation. Once a project fits into our model, we move to the level of actualization; which involves linking foreign investors with the project owners, while managing the process, or moving our project team to the project. We also independently provide construction bridge financing and financial services throughout existing project duration.

Oil and Gas Assets;
Our services in oil field acquisition revolve around bringing oil-field asset owners and foreign investors together. In other words, we take the lead in seeking venture capital funds and undertaking direct investments on behalf of the fund owners. In doing this, we work with experienced international and local legal firms for due diligence purposes, to ensure that all regulatory requirements are met on time. Our budding experience in this sector has afforded us the opportunity to understand the various options and dynamics of oil asset acquisition in the Nigerian oil and gas sector, with particular understanding of the advantages derivable from the application of the local content law by companies.
Project Finance Consulting;
Omoruyi Services engages in project financing and consulting services for projects, and also source funding for clients that contact them for such service. With our major focus on projects originating from Nigeria, we are positioned to negotiate access, identify angel investors, bridge financiers and clients for trading and infrastructural projects. We seek to create financial synergy between African companies with viable projects that seek genuine financing and project financiers in Europe for their projects, particularly investors of Swiss origin. In providing this service, we ensure that projects seeking finance meet the expectation of our financiers and also undertake due diligence of such projects prior to arranging finance for them from our foreign sources.

Contract Procurement and Project Management;
Omoruyi Services is skilful in project identification and procurement within the civil society and public sectors. In our procured contracts and related services, we ensure that our bid packaging meets the expectation of the awarding organization vis-a-vis the standard bid requirements. Our strategy is to position our firm as the major contracting firm for projects meant to benefit Africa, while selecting domestic partners for implementation. The implementation of projects won after a successful bid remains under strict controlled process till the project is delivered in its entirety.

Omoruyi Services negotiates franchises for firms and companies that are interested in taking great brands from Switzerland and Europe to Nigeria. We engage with trade and commercial brands that demonstrate the willingness to expand their global reach. We link potential franchisees with known and well established European brands based in Switzerland with a view to facilitating profit growth. Omoruyi Services also negotiates the direct management of certain brands, while our primary goal of providing an enviable platform for market access to a large consumer base remains pivotal. The targeted brands range from gas stations, chain stores, restaurant and hotels, food companies, construction companies, and airline companies seeking access for licenses to operate in Nigeria.